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BNZ Marketview January 2016

  • Total online retail spending in January was up 15% compared to the same month a year ago. Online sales at local merchants were up 11% on January last year, outpacing the growth in spending at physical stores (based on Statistics NZ figures for electronic card transactions) for the fourth consecutive month.


Art For Heart's Sake

Art for heart's sake is a collaboration between fine artist Craig S. Primrose QSM and UNICEF.
When Craig painted the 3 portraits of Sir Edmund Hillary between 2002-2007 it was always with the intention to sell the portraits to raise funds


Bush Business

It is a great day when work involves taking a walk through NZ's native bush! This week we explored opportunities for linking Birkenhead town centre with the recently upgraded walking path through Le Roy's bush on Auckland's north shore.


Helping those in need

It is a pleasure to currently be working with New Zealand artist Craig S Primrose QSM on a project that will benefit people far less fortunate than ourselves. The project is still under wraps, so we can't say too much more about it at this stage, but watch this space...