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Helping those in need

It is a pleasure to currently be working with New Zealand artist Craig S Primrose QSM on a project that will benefit people far less fortunate than ourselves. The project is still under wraps, so we can't say too much more about it at this stage, but watch this space...


BNZ Marketview November 2015

Strength in offshore purchases returns in November

  • Total online retail spending in November was up 14% compared to November last year
  • November is usually the peak month for purchasing online goods from overseas, and this November saw purchases by Kiwi’s from international merchants up 20% on the same month a year ago. The strong result is a healthy sign for Christmas stockings, albeit we’re paying a bit more this year due to the lower NZ dollar.


BNZ Marketview September 2015

  • Total NZ online retail spending in September was up 15% compared to September last year.
  • Online purchases of electrical and electronic goods (including computers) were particularly strong - up nearly 40% compared to September last year.


BNZ Marketview October 2015

  • Growth rate eases back to single digits October - but this is at least partly due to timing
  • Total online retail spending in October was up 9% compared to October last year. This is a slower growth rate than we had observed in preceding months. However, it seems likely that the softening in growth is at least partly due to the timing of purchases, as opposed to a slowdown in trend.