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BNZ Marketview October 2014

Total online spending in October was up 13% on October last year.
The stand-out performer this month was spending at overseas merchants, which was up 28% on October last year.
A core driver of the strong international growth figure was a surge in purchases of electrical and electronic goods. It’s possible that some of this spending relates to timing effects (e.g. earlier product releases by Apple) and we could see the growth rate pull back in the November figures.

Total online purchases from domestic merchants grew far more slowly – they were up 4% on October last year.

The online sales split between domestic and international merchants was 57% / 43% in the month of October. Using 12-monthly totals, international merchants have made a 2.5% gain in market share over the past year.

Download full BNZ Marketview report (.pdf 457kb)


September - Strong Online Sales

Online sales up!


  • New Zealand’s total online spending was very strong in September, with spending up 13% on September last year.
  • Online purchases at domestic merchants were up 9% on last September, and online purchases at offshore merchants were up 20%.
  • Stand out major categories this month were Electrical and Electronic goods, Computers and Peripherals, and Other Specialised Food. Spending in each of these categories was up by more than 20% on September 2013.
  • The softening in the NZ dollar over July-August makes international goods more expensive in NZD terms. However, the solid rise in online spending at offshore retailers in September suggests that, for now at least, kiwis are not being discouraged by the extra cost.
  • Special feature: Age group analysis.

Download full BNZ Marketview report (.pdf 457kb)