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BNZ Marketview March 2015


  • Total online retail spending in March was up 11% compared to March 2014 levels.  
  • Online purchases at domestic merchants in March were up 7% on the spending levels a year earlier, which is slightly ahead of the growth in spending at physical stores (approx. 5%, based on electronic card transactions).
  • Spending at international sites was very strong in the month of March - up 18% on the level we saw in March last year.

Download full report (.pdf 488KB)

BNZ Marketview Retail Sales Index February 2015

Key figures for February online retail sales

  • Total online retail spending was up 9% on February last year – a solid result, nearly back to double-digits.
  • Online purchases at domestic merchants in February were up 6% on the spending levels a year earlier, which is similar to the growth in spending at physical stores.
  • Spending at international sites was up 13% on the level we saw in February last year. The growth rate has eased in recent months, but remains double that of online sales at domestic retailers.

Download full report (.pdf 460KB)

New Panel For Kingsland's Gateway Marker

This week we were in Kingsland replacing the panel at the foot of the town's well-known Gateway Marker.


Initially created using a laser-etched laminate, the original panel did not standup to the northerly aspect and harsh New Zealand sun.  The new panel, created using laser-etched stainless steel, gives credit to Albert-Eden Local Board who funded the Gateway Marker and supports a QR Code which links to Kingsland's website and offers information about local businesses, parking, train schedules and more.

BNZ Marketview January 2015

NZ Online retail Sales Index


  • New Zealanders’ total online spending in January was 7% higher than in January last year.
  • Online spending at domestic merchants in January was up 2% compared to January 2014. This is down on the 7% growth rate observed in December and is also slower than the January growth rate for retail electronic card transactions (which are dominated by physical stores).
  • Kiwis’ online spending at overseas sites continues to grow strongly - up 14% on January last year.
  • The online sales split between domestic and international merchants was 57% / 43% in January. The international market share is back to its all-time high of 43%, following a typical seasonal drop in December.

Download full report (.pdf 821KB)